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"SYNEREX", High-Precision Positioning Information with an Average Error of Less than 2 cm"

[IT Dong-A reporter Kim Dong-jin] "We develop and supply satellite navigation devices that provide high-precise positioning information necessary for autonomous vehicles, drones, and urban air traffic (UAM) with an average error of less than 2cm."

Park Jae-deok, CEO of Synerex, said. Satellite navigation systems (GPS) are used to provide location information by measuring distances using signals from multiple satellites orbiting the Earth. However, numerous radio interference and refraction occur in the process of reaching the terminal, resulting in errors of up to 10 meters.

Synerex is a company that developed a device that provides ultra-precision location information by correcting satellite signal errors based on a reference station on the ground. We met with Park Jae-deok, CEO of Synerex, who introduced products that applied domestic technology to the satellite navigation device market, which is mostly foreign equipment, and listened to the details.

Park Jaeduck, CEO of Synerex. Source = IT Dong-A

Self-driving essential 'high-precision positioning information'...Key foundations for future markets

high-precision positioning information is one of various technologies such as drones, urban air transportation (UAM), and autonomous vehicles, and is a key foundation for targeting the future market.

CEO Park Jae-deok said, "For example, self-driving cars need to know how to distinguish lanes in order to drive safely. However, GPS-based high-precision positioning information is essential for autonomous vehicles because the navigation we use distinguishes roads but cannot distinguish lanes, he said. "In the case of drones and UAM, which is a recent topic, precise take-off and landing technology is also needed." This is because the device enters the place where people live. The technology that makes this possible is an high-precision positioning satellite navigation device that provides precise location information based on a correction signal," he explained.

Technical overview of ultra-precision satellite navigation device by GPS signal calibration. Source = Synerex

As unmanned technologies such as unmanned ships and smart construction as well as autonomous vehicles, drones, and UAM are expanded, the demand for ultra-precision satellite navigation, which is the core base, increases. Even Synerex, who has promising technology, once suffered ups and downs.

CEO Park Jae-deok said, "We are securing a large number of demand sources due to the recent unmanned craze, but when we founded it in 2016, there was not much demand for self-driving cars or unmanned drones," adding, "At that time, most of the high-precision satellite navigation devices were produced by foreign companies." They had to rush around to find manufacturers in a zero-base state, not in the previously known market. "This is why I had a hard time because I didn't have sales for the first three years," he recalled.

Even when I was able to think of giving up, I was able to endure it because I had confidence and pride in my technology.

CEO Park Jae-deok said, "I thought there was no reason not to use a technology that provides less than 2cm on average at less than 1/3 of the price of competitors in the U.S. and Europe," adding, "One day, a researcher at a university contacted me to try the product and asked me to review it on my blog." This is where the twist happened. The researcher was an influencer in the field of self-driving, and he left positive feedback on his product on his blog, which began to receive inquiries.

It is rumored that Synerex's satellite navigation device, which went viral, was expanded from research institutes to companies, and was able to overcome the crisis. Currently, it has more than 150 customers, including Hyundai Motor, Doosan Mobility, AutonomousA2Z, and 42dot. He added that he also participated in the drone regulation sandbox project organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport last year.

Cnarex's ultra-precision satellite navigation system SMC-2000. Source = Synerex

#SMC-2000 UAV Kit & SMC+

It supports TCP-based MAVLink functionality to support non-visible flight (BVLOS). Not only is it cheaper than existing company and third-party products, but it has the same accuracy as before, but it also features additional functions with dual antenna function and LTE router function.

Dongguk University Business Incubation Center Exploring the Possibilities of Synerex

There was another factor that was able to overcome the crisis at the time of Synerex's ups and downs. It is supported by Dongguk University Business Incubation Center.

CEO Park Jae-deok (right) receiving legal and labor mentoring at Dongguk University Business Incubation Center. Source = Dongguk University Business Incubation Center

CEO Park Jae-deok said, "I was at a loss to find an office, but I was able to receive human and material support such as office and working scholarship students through the support program of Dongguk University's start-up childcare center." In addition, he was able to secure several patents and lay the foundation by receiving marketing, business plan preparation methods, patents and intellectual property (IP) education and consulting from Dongguk University's Startup Childcare Center. Thanks to this, he won the grand prize at the IR competition hosted by Dongguk University, and was selected as a TIPS after receiving seed investment from Korea Science and Technology Holdings under the Ministry of Science and ICT, he said.

Challenges to maintain precision even in areas where GPS is not available...This year will be the first year

What are the challenges that Synerex must overcome now?

CEO Park Jae-deok said, "The current challenge is to maintain precision even in areas where GPS is not available." "The biggest challenge is to create a speculative navigation algorithm using vehicle speed and inertial navigation devices in tunnels or underground spaces where GPS reception is not possible and apply it to products," he said.

"I would like to make 2023 the first year of Synerex's overseas expansion. We will take the first step in overseas markets, including Japan and the United States, to promote the excellence of domestic technology. "We will supply more advanced products as a result of this year's TIPS project and run toward IPO (special listing) with a goal of 10 billion won in sales in 2026."

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출처: IT동아 [인터뷰] 씨너렉스 “평균 2cm 미만의 오차로 초정밀 위치 정보를 제공합니다”


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