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Dongguk University Startup Childcare Center Company 'SYNEREX' Selected by the Tips

Park Jaeduck, CEO of SYNEREX. Photo = Dongguk University.

[Smart Economy = Reporter Bok Hyun-myung] SYNEREX, a startup specializing in ultra-precision satellite navigation devices at Dongguk University's Startup Research Institute, was finally selected as the "TIPS" program (private investment-led technology start-up support, TIPS) of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

SYNEREX is a company that moves into the start-up childcare center of Dongguk University's Startup Technology Institute.

TIPS will select a start-up team with technology items to lead the global market and provide R&D funds, matching private investment with government funds, and linking start-up commercialization and overseas marketing funds to foster promising start-ups.

SYNEREX, selected for TIPS, is a leading domestic startup that develops precision positioning navigation devices necessary for unmanned vehicles such as autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots to autonomously drive and work.

Currently, it supplies devices developed to more than 150 customers, including major domestic conglomerates, autonomous driving, and drone startups. It is also about to launch a new product of a drone-only satellite navigation device that was selected and developed as a drone regulatory sandbox operator in 2022 under the supervision of the Korea Institute of Aviation Safety and Technology.

SYNEREX was selected on the recommendation of Korea Science and Technology Holdings, the operator of TIPS. It will receive 500 million won in R&D funds over the next two years.

In the future, it will independently carry out the task of "manufacturing and mass-producing multi-sensor fusion-based GNSS RTK navigation controllers that can respond to GPS sound areas" through the benefit of R&D funds.

SYNEREX moved into Dongguk University's Startup Childcare Center in March 2018 and has been carrying out various start-up support programs such as customized capacity building education, mentoring, and consulting for each field.

It also attracted Seed investment based on the 2022 Start·UP Boot·UP Start-up IR Competition hosted by Dongguk University-Seoul Industry Promotion Agency, and the BOOT-UP IR Competition, President of the Korea Startup Childcare Association.

Park Jae-deok, CEO of SYNEREX, said, "Through the continuous management support of the Dongkuk University Startup Childcare Center, it has been very helpful to receive this TIPS selection. Using this opportunity as a stepping stone, Cnarex aims to enter the global market by developing advanced ultra-precision satellite navigation devices necessary for the unmanned world, he said. "We will become a company recognized in the global market through continuous research and development."

Reporter Bok Hyun-myung:

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