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Drones Threatening National Security

Recently, drones are threatening national security.

In February, a drone on the roof of the Jeju Airport Passenger Terminal, which is a national important facility, crashed and was discovered by an airport employee

In April, an object believed to be a drone flew to Jeju International Airport for 16 minutes to the airport's runway

An approaching situation has taken place.

If you were sucked into an aircraft engine, or if you disturbed the control tower

It could have led to a terrible big accident.

Drones are used in many fields, such as fire fighting, agriculture, and photography

It's safe and convenient to help people do things that are hard to do

Because of these accidents, it is pointed out that effective measures to prevent recurrence should be established

Existing general GPS-based location information has a large error

It was hard to pinpoint the exact location

Cynarex's satellite navigation system (RTK GPS) is a very powerful device

Average error range

Above, less than 2cm in hardness and less than 10cm in altitude

The drone is equipped with an ultra-precise satellite navigation system that enables real-time location information

Give the drone a unique identification number

We're working on ways to establish safety



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