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MBC Broadcast RTK


By utilizing MBC RTK's high-precision positioning technology, it is contributing to various fields. We will gradually expand the field of application to become a Synerex that opens the door to the 4th industry. 

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MRP-2000, a RTK-supported GNSS equipment from MBC & Synerex, a domestic company, is on the low-cost axis, but it shows positional accuracy that is comparable to foreign single-antenna equipment that supports RTK .


It is also very satisfying that the receiver and antenna are lighter and smaller, and the receiver's power consumption is low . I think it is possible to install it not only in self-driving cars, but also in small equipment.


Above all, the fact that MBC and Synerex are domestic companies located in Seoul is a big advantage. The fact that you can get product support quickly with just one phone call will definitely be a big attraction for those who have experienced difficulties in language or time required while using overseas products while communicating with overseas vendors.

This product is recommended for both beginners and experts in GNSS.

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