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MBC Broadcast RTK


We are contributing to various fields by utilizing MBC RTK's high-precision positioning technology. We will gradually expand the field of application to become a Synerex that opens the door to the 4th industry. 

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Smart construction technology is a concept that combines advanced technologies such as BIM, drones, robots, IoT, big data, and AI with the existing construction field. When smart construction technology is applied, it is possible to more precisely control construction machines, etc., which were handled with human senses, with IoT technology, and to efficiently carry out construction work.

Location information control is one of the core technologies in smart construction technology, and a 'satellite navigation system' such as GPS is applied to control the movement of construction equipment at a construction site. GPS is an American system, and countries such as EU, Russia, Japan, India, and Korea are also working hard to develop their own satellite navigation system. However, the existing satellite navigation system has a limit on the number of simultaneous users and has limitations in using it to stably provide precise location information in a construction environment.

Meanwhile, MBC already has nationwide broadcasting infrastructure such as DMB and UHD through its terrestrial broadcasting network, and is providing traffic information TPEG service by applying it. The research team of the Construction Automation Research Center at the Korea Institute of Construction and Construction uses MBC's broadcasting communication network-based positioning signal in the field of smart construction technology to overcome Korea's unique mountainous terrain and areas with satellite navigation signal failure, and to build a practical Korean-style satellite navigation system. expected that

In particular, this technology was previously verified through prior research by the Korea Construction Research Institute. The construction research institute explained that the results were verified by applying the MBC DMB correction signal to the research project being carried out at the Construction Automation Research Center of the Korea Construction Research Institute.

Han Seung-heon, president of the Korea Construction Research Institute, said, “Construction automation technology can be an innovative method for the construction industry, which is suffering from low productivity. We expect that the economic feasibility of our construction sector will also improve through smart construction technology,” he said.

Source: Korea National Daily. Construction Research Institute to speed up research on 'smart construction technology' using MBC's broadcasting network. 2019.10.04. Ha Jong-suk

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