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By utilizing MBC RTK's high-precision positioning technology, it is contributing to various fields. We will gradually expand the field of application to become a Synerex that opens the door to the 4th industry. 

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| Products with Synerex -  smart control robot 
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#Real-time GPS-based orbital driving device and autonomous driving

This system performs autonomous driving by setting a pre-route based on a real-time global positioning system (GPS), and the lateral deviation is within ±10cm . It implements GPS and inertial measurement unit (IMU)-based autonomous driving technology to determine the robot's current position and direction.

With the development of GPS-based orchard map-based control technology, the use of pre-obtained 3D orchard environment information-based GPS, and location information matching control technology, it is possible to control orchard trees without sensors such as cameras or LiDAR. In addition, stable driving on irregular road surfaces and turning in place in narrow turning sections are possible. An eco-friendly driving platform (4 hours in a row) was built using a battery instead of an engine, and it is highly likely to be expanded and used as a general-purpose robot platform for unmanned agricultural work (weeding, harvesting, etc.).

It is easy to move, transport, and manually operate the control robot by interlocking with a remote controller.

Source: Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Newspaper. [Planning] Five Future Agricultural Technologies Leading Digital Agriculture ① Selective control of only fruit, smart control robot.       2021.05.21. Reporter Nam-jong Kim

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