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MDU-2000 UAV kit - drone GNSS RTK receiver

Today, we will learn about the GNSS RTK receiver MDU-2000 UAV Kit dedicated to drones with dual antenna support that provides centimeter-level location and heading in real time using GNSS RTK technology!


The MDU-2000 UAV kit was unveiled at a drone show held in BEXCO, Busan from 2021.04.29 to 2021.05.01.

MDU-2000 uses MBC RTK service to support 3cm latitude/longitude error and 10cm altitude error.

It supports azimuth using dual antenna RTK technology instead of conventional external COMPASS, which is greatly affected by metal or electromagnetic fields, enabling more stable flight and obtaining precise drone direction information.


The MDU-2000 is 95mm x 75mm x 15mm (W x D x H) and weighs 135g, and two RTK antennas are installed to provide a precise azimuth of 0.5 degrees based on a 50cm separation distance.

It is equipped with LTE communication modules as well as high-precision RTK reception modules to receive and calculate GNSS information and RTK correction information from one equipment, so no separate correction information reception equipment is required.

It also supports pulse per second (PPS) output, allowing you to maintain accuracy of less than 30 ns by connecting with video equipment or equipment that requires accurate time synchronization.

LTE is installed, so you can receive correction information using MBC RTK service without additional network equipment.

Through MBC RTK service, the nearest base station automatically

It can exert stable RTK performance by receiving a correction signal.

This is a demonstration video of a drone using MDU-2000 equipped with MBC RTK service.

Compared to the existing external COMPASS, there is a big difference in the precision of azimuth and drone operation.

You will be able to feel the difference between autonomous flight using COMPASS and autonomous flight using RTK precision azimuth on the roof of a building where magnetic field interference is severe.


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