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Attention is also focusing on the world of 'drone technology' using TV broadcasting networks


Korea's automatic navigation technology, which was demonstrated at the world's largest broadcasting equipment fair in Las Vegas, USA, received a lot of attention. In particular, expectations were high for the use of location information technology completed with pure Korean technology.

The 'RTK' technology using the existing TV network is more advantageous than other technologies in terms of cost and has attracted attention with up to 100 times higher accuracy than current GPS and satellite information networks. Casdotra, chief operating officer, said, "I think this technology will change the game. The signal from the tower will allow all of these devices to operate with an accuracy of 3 cm in error range," he said, expressing expectations for RTK technology using broadcasting networks.

Analysts say that the reliability of technology has been increased as there are already many cases of real-life applications such as pizza delivery in the city center and delivery of medical supplies to islands and villages in Korea. In particular, it is expected that the speed of introducing technology in the U.S. will be accelerated by the fact that it can avoid interference with radio waves such as urban building forests and mountainous terrain and prevent security accidents such as hacking by not using the Internet.


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