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Synarex releases centimeter-class RTK GPS all-in-one Android tablet (2021.09.10/Daily Economy TV)

Synarex, an RTK GPS company, said it has released two RTK GPS all-in-one Android tablets (SHR-800, SHR-1000) for collecting RTK service-based GIS data along with a domestic broadcaster. RTK GPS Module (ZED-F9P) is a product that is integrally combined with Android tablets and is designed to improve portability and productivity during field work.

According to Synarex, SHR-800 (8" inches) and SHR-1000 (10" inches) connect the closest base station to workers by utilizing the infrastructure of the nationwide GNSS base station without having to install a separate GNSS base station every time. In addition, an NTRIP setup app that allows users to directly access the base station can be used for various user-owned applications.

Available in direct sunlight and bright outdoors, displaying GIS data tables, complex images, and high-resolution photos. The RTK GPS reception module uses the U-Blocks F9P Multiband Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver platform to simultaneously track up to four GNSS satellite groups. In addition, the module applied a real-time mobile positioning (RTK) technique and automatically connected anywhere in the country to generate location information with an average error range of less than 2cm, increasing availability and accuracy.

Synerx is expected to be used immediately in various forms, including GIS data collection, 3D survey, photo survey, underground facility management, forensic mapping, construction site survey, and industrial site survey. In particular, it is expected to combine various types of innovative Android apps such as AR (Augmented Reality), smart construction, and civil engineering.

CEO Park Jae-deok of Synerex said, "There have been no products that combine RTK GPS, AR function support, and Android tablets at once, and many companies expect to use SHR Series to be applied in various ways."


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